SEO, SEM, and Content Marketing are critical in the success of your online Internet Marketing Campaign.

SEO, SEM, and Internet Marketing

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SEM, SEO, GREAT CONTENT and Internet Marketing create an UNSTOPPABLE content creating combination that can lead to GREAT online success.


What is this SEM stuff?


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a form of Internet Marketing that helps to promote websites by increasing search engine visibility via content creation, on / off page optimization, and online advertising.  SEM has changed the overall dynamic of generating a successful online marketing campaign, and is a VERY critical component concerning overall online success.


How about that SEO?


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential element of your comprehensive SEM and Internet Marketing Strategy.  SEO is a timely process that involves the specific changes a web designer, SEO, and / or content creator makes in order to create more visible search results.  SEO is a dynamic factor of your Internet Marketing strategy that affects your search results concerning the following:


  • Image search
  • Local search
  • Video search
  • Academic search
  • News search
  • Keyword search


With that being said GREAT and CONSISTENT is the BEST form of SEO.  And make no mistake this IS a PROCESS that takes TIME!


How does SEM and SEO tie into an Internet Marketing strategy?


Internet Marketing, just as it reads, involves your overall online marketing campaign.  In a nutshell, Internet Marketing deals with how you display your products, goods, and / or services online.  To take it even a step further, Internet Marketing also encompasses your overall online presence and search results VISIBILITY.


And this is where that SEM and SEO stuff comes into play.


SEM and SEO are the TOOLS used within the realm of Internet Marketing that give you a competitive search advantage.  Depending on your business model, there are numerous different ways to manage a comprehensive Internet Marketing campaign, but the principles of a good strategy remain the same.


I don’t care what ANYONE says…


GREAT Internet Marketing Strategies involve GREAT Content, GREAT Ideas, CONSISTENT Marketing Efforts, and REAL back-links.


Don’t like what I have to say?  Then move along and have a WONDERFUL day!



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SEO, SEM, and Internet Marketing
SEM, SEO, GREAT CONTENT and Internet Marketing create an UNSTOPPABLE content creating combination that can lead to GREAT online success.
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